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El piropo

There are some words that simply cannot be exactly defined, except within the Spanish language, piropo is one of those. A piropo is "a flirtatious or poetic compliment to a woman". In Argentina these expressions of admiration, when well constructed are not only traditional but even an art form. The more clever the piropo the more it is appreciated by its intended recipient.

Known throughout Latin America, piropos are especially prevalent and practiced in Argentinaís capital city of Buenos Aires. Considered one of the most elegant cities in the world, its women are acknowledged as some of the most charming and beautiful in Latin America. A piropo is an expression of gratitude for that beauty.

Piropo combines the Greek words for fire (pur) with eyes (oops) and while poorly constructed piropos can be obvious and callow ("Donít get too close to me, I donít have fire insurance") creative piropos are subtle with refined machismo that arrive quietly like an anonymous gift.

Some examples of a Piropo:

"If beauty were a sin, youíd never be forgiven."
"Iím now sure there is a heaven because Iíve seen an angel."
"You move like the Bolshoi Ballet"
"Oh! If you could cook like you walk, I want to eat scraps!"
"I must be asleep to dream of such beauty."
"Where you go, flowers must spring up."
"So many curves, and me without brakes."

Piropos are good fun, and only thought and practice make them perfect and more appreciated.

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