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Who’s Your Daddy:   Getting Started             

Ethnic Heritage Research Resources                             

To research your family tree, try this website:

1.  Kan-Ed Heritage Quest

a.      Open the district Intranet home page.

b.      Click on Kan-Ed.

c.      Use your User Access information on this website:

d.      Look for this section and start your search:

     *Genealogy and Historic Sources  

Heritage Quest

2.  Ellis Island online: search for your family’s last name:

3.  Ellis Island online: research immigrant family histories:

4.  Ellis Island online: Consult the timeline of Ellis Island immigration

5.  Ellis Island online: visit the Ellis Island Immigration Museum

6. exhibit: visit as if you’re experiencing immigration:

7.  Think Quest Library: discover good Ellis Island immigrants’ quotes and pictures:

8.  Learn about an early motion picture about Ellis Island     bin/query/h?ammem/papr:@field(NUMBER+@band(lcmp002+m2a10987))

9.  Learning Page: enjoy immigrants’ personal stories

10.  Library of Congress Memory Ellis Island: explore many resources, including quotes,
        pictures, stories

11.  Immigration History Research Center: explore a huge database of history, including a family
research database

12.  Local History and Genealogy Reading Room: explore your family tree:

13.  Repositories of Primary Sources: go right to the source:


This website was created and is maintained for use in classrooms dedicated to multicultural understanding. 
Material from and links to other sources have been chosen because of their relevance to this goal. 
For questions or comments, or to report problems with links, please contact:
Ann Ramsey