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How to Make an Expandable Scrapbook Journal

Materials in this picture, right to left:
green self healing mat; waxed paper; ribbon;
Yes! glue; artist's trowel; wallpaper roller;
awl; rotary cutter; bone folder
Day 1

Using 4 sheets of Bogus paper, cut each sheet into
3 sections, each section 6" x 9".  Set aside.

Using the file folder*, cut four rectangles,
each rectangle 6 x 10.
(*If using art board, cut two rectangles and
use a single thickness.)

Use the trowel to apply Yes! glue all over the rectangle, being careful to carry the glue past the edges of the rectangle.  Place the second file folder rectangle on top and press the two layers together.  Repeat and set aside.

Cut a 7 x 11 rectangle from your outside book cover paper or fabric.  Use your ruler and pencil to draw a line around the outside edge of your paper from the edge.

Clip the corners of your paper just barely (approximately 1/8) outside the corners you have drawn in pencil.

       Place the file folder rectangles on top of the glued side of
your cover paper, following
the pencil lines.

Fold the outside edges of the cover paper in
and press firmly all around the edges. 
your bone folder or wallpaper roller to make
sure the layers are smooth and flat.

Cut a 6 5/8 x 9 3/4 rectangle from your inside cover paper.  Place it onto a clean waxed paper surface and apply glue.  Glue it into the inside of your book cover.
Use your bone folder or wallpaper roller to make
sure the layers are smooth and flat.

Repeat these steps to make a second book cover.

Place book covers between clean waxed paper
sheets and stack heavy books on top of them
while they dry overnight.
Day 2

Stack your 6 x 9 Bogus paper pages.  On the top page,
make a faint mark in the center of one of the 6 edges. 
You will use this mark to help you line up the pages
when you use the two hole punch.

Make a faint mark in the center of your book
covers along the edge where you will be punching
with the hole punch.

Line up your center marks with the arrow on the two hole punch and punch holes in your book covers and pages.

You can punch all of your pages at
the same time.

 Use about 30 of ribbon to tie your journal together. 
Twirl a small piece of Scotch tape
around the end of the ribbon to
make the ribbon easier to sew with.



Tie the ribbon very loosely; as your journal grows, it will be easy to untie the ribbon and add more pages as necessary.

You may also use metal three ring binder rings instead
of ribbon to hold your journal together.

There is no one correct way to tie your journal.
You might want to add a bead or two to
finish it off.

The important thing to remember
is not to be afraid to use
your journal.  You made it, so
now you can make it
REALLY yours!!


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