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Multicultural Resources for High School Students  


The way I speak

            or the way I comb my hair

            The way I move

            or the shoes I choose to wear

            These outwardly things

            with your eyes you can see

            Take a trip to my soul

            and you will find me.

Where my seeds of dreams

            are planted in rows

            And they blossom freely

            like wildflowers grow.

Where the words I say

            dance in my mind

            To the rhythm of my heart

            and the bass of my soul

            Hear my song sound

            as its melody unfolds.

Where my closet of knowledge

            has a wardrobe of facts

            That hang up on hangers

            next to thoughts placed on racks.

Open the door of  my spirit

            and take a step in

            Walk through hallways of emotions

            the corridors never end

View my channels of love

and the message they send

See the chandeliers of hope




From ceilings of faith

That are painted with devotion

Open the door of my spirit

View all my emotions.

Read a chapter in my book

            my story is told

            Take a moment in time.

            Take a trip to my soul.


This website was created and is maintained for use in classrooms dedicated to multicultural understanding. 
Material from and links to other sources have been chosen because of their relevance to this goal. 
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Ann Ramsey