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Who is Singing This Song

 Who is singing this song?

     I am.

a child in dark streets,
seeking a home,
a woman who needs safety
in a world of shadows.
I am the one struggling to be free,
a dancer, astronaut, teacher, anyone
I want to be,
longing for clean drink of water/air to breathe deeply.
Who is singing this song?

    I am.
breaking silences, a witness, storyteller.
We survived by hearing.
We discover one another…
each of us yielded by hands of the transplanted,
adventurers, escapees, pregnant with dreams.
We explore our similar histories.
Light surrounds us, our hands
are warmed, alive…

 Who is singing this song?

   I am.
pulled by hands of history to not sit
in these times, complacently,
walkmans plugged to our ears,
computers, soap operas lulling our passions to sleep.
We are required by legacies of grandparents, parents,
our enslaved and servant ancestors, our heroes and sheroes,
our fighters for freedom, to be
now the storm of hands
that wave in protest against apartheid, racism, classism, sexism
    war, hate crime violence and indifference to the poor.

     (We are required by these hands of history
     to extend our hands to save the children
     from Howard Beach and Stockton playground massacres
     from Harlem to Wounded Knee,
     Honduran sweatshops to Haitian detention centers
     Atlanta to Delano, Ethiopia to Enowetok,
     Birmingham to Bosnia,
     Tiananmen Square to the Tenderloin)  

Who is singing this song?

   I am.
We survive by hearing.
We speak to each other,
offering choices,
to love, to dream,
to extend our hands, to dance,
to cringe, to kiss, to not kiss.

dare you
to love, to dream, to kiss…

Who is singing this song?
   I am.
            You are.

Our music is beautiful.

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