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Multicultural Resources for High School Students  


Welcome to my lesson links.

      There are so many places on the web to find lessons. I hope this one is a little different. I have found some amazing sites that I would like to share with everyone. I have included lots of sites to search through. Just pick out what you need. You will soon find the ones that are what you need. When you find a link that meets your needs, bookmark it on your web browser.

Winter Holiday Celebrations
Snow and SnowmenChristmas
Candy Cane
The Snowy Day
The Grinch (theme)

Not Just for Kids! Candy Cane
Debbie's Unit Factory
All the Best Holiday Activities

Zwolle School Christmas links

Amazing Christmas Crafts
Kids Holiday Crafts

Kindergarten Christmas

Holidays Around the World Resources
Christmas Around the World
Christmas Traditions
WorldView! Christmas
Mrs. Elliot's Second Grade-Holidays
Christmas Around the World Scavenger Hunt
Christmas Around the World Webquest
Holidays Around the World
Christmas Around the World Resources
Christmas Resources- TeachingHeart
One more- Christmas Around the World 

The Mitten
The Mitten
Magical Mittens
Mitten Riddles
The Mitten
Animal Mitten Masks-Jan Brett's Site
Mitten Crafts
SCORE lesson plans
First Grade Lesson Plans  LOVE TO TEACH
The Mitten

Gingerbread Studies
Gingerbread Links galore (mine)
Zwolle Elementary School
Gingerbread Unit
11 Gingerbread Links
G is for Gingerbread

Polar Express
mine of course.....  Ride the Polar Express
The Polar Express Teachingheart

Penguin Capers
Tacky the Penguin Reader’s Theatre
Penguins Around The World
Polar Regions Theme…many links..
Penguin Theme Unit
Penguin Light Bulb Idea
Icebergs and Penguins Penguins by edtech
Games and Activities for Penguins
Penguin Webquest
Penguin Adaptions
KidZone Worksheets on Penguins

Math creation..if you have more ideas..please share them with at the bottom of the page...
Henry and Mudge...Literature Circle ideas for first and second grade
Literature Circles- lots of ideas
Reading Workshop
More Reading Workshop ideas
Money Rhymes and Raps
Book Report Ideas
What to Do with Poetry

Guided Reading Lesson Plans Gudied Reading Lesson Plans
Deb Four Blocks-Gudied Reading Lesson Plans
Book Units
Children's Literature
Carol Hurst-Literature
Literature Based Reading
LIterature Guides
Literature Links
Book Units
Best Literary Resources

Spring Themes
Animal Life Cycle (and many others) stamps to order online
Fantastic Spring Blackline books including the life cycle of seeds
What's Hatching at the Kinderhive
It Started As An Egg

My special project Emergent Readers
Reading Strategies Pamphlet for Parents and Families (Emergent Readers)

Using Wikki Sticks
Wikki Sticks
Wikki Sticks and ploting graphs
Wikki sticks and the poem of the week
Spelling practice and wikki sticks-pdf
WIkki Sticks and Morning Message
More Wikki sticks
Wikki Sticks
Literacy Awareness

Interesting Sites to Visit.... unique

K/2 Printables
Utah State Core Knowledge lesson plans
Story Souvenir Index
Calendar time activities
Grow A Reader Booklist
Focus Walls
Keep Books
Primary Success- downloadable books
Sight Word Songs
1001 Uses for the Digital Camera
Free Printable calendar Pieces
Handwriting PageMaker
Kizclub-printables of all kinds
Mrs. Williamson's Apple Unit
Worshops (center activities)
Bembo's Zoo-Great for a class that's CONNECTED
Fun Pages for Kids-Fall (and teachers too!)
Alphabet Arcs
Mrs. Henriken's Poetry Pages
History of Valentine's Day

Mrs. Jones Sing Along-Alphabet Songs
A Fall Unit with lots to share!

Fun School
Fire Safety
Tooter for Kids
All About Shared Reading
Help Your Child Learn
Mighty Books
Joanne's Links- Technology and more!
Pocket Chart Fever
Pocket Charts-How to use them to teach!

Alphabet Activities for All Students
Animal Alphabet
Alphabet Stamps
This Month's Free Samples
Ditto Library
Child Care Theme Pages
Dot-to-Dot Disabilities site- lots of printables for everyone
Calendar Clip Art Printables
General Handwriting Teaching Tips


Themes at the Virtual Vine
Month by Month Themes (Mrs. Sirois)
Theme Links at Hubbards Cupboard
Teaching Ideas-UK



This website was created and is maintained for use in classrooms dedicated to multicultural understanding. 
Material from and links to other sources have been chosen because of their relevance to this goal. 
For questions or comments, or to report problems with links, please contact:
Ann Ramsey