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Unit 2: Exploring Inspirations
        When the legends die, the dreams end; there is no more greatness.  
                                                                                                                                        Native American proverb  (Shawnee)

In Their Own Voices:
"ˇPresente!  Heroes/Sheroes

y Otras Cosas"
interview photo  interview photo  interview photo
In His Own Voice:
Charles R. Smith, Jr
"A Poem for Nelson Mandela"
by Elizabeth Alexander


"Lincoln Monument: Washington"
by Langston Hughes


"What I'm Telling You"
by Elizabeth Alexander

"Tia Chucha"
by Luis J. Rodríguez

Luis J. Rodriguez
"Every Day It Is Always There"
by Rainy Ortiz

"La Miss Low"
by Carmen Tafolla

by Nikki Giovanni


"I'm Sayin'"
by Mahogany Elau Foster, age 16


"A Tribute"
by Donna T. Thomas, age 19

"If You Have a Voice...."
Hispanic Heritage
"Who Is Singing This Song"
by Janice Mirikitani

Black Heritage
Asian Pacific Heritage
Instructions for
Writing a Found Poem

Sample Found Poems 

Native American Heritage
Instructions for Making
Book Style Journal

Envelope Templates
Unit 2 Outline

Books That Inspire Creative Journals

Instructions for Making an
Expandable Scrapbook Journal
Around the World

Video Instructions for
Making a Hardback Book

Video Instructions for
Making an Envelope

Instructions for
Making Simple Books


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